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Vampira Icons 
07:42pm 06/03/2008

59 (Minimal) Vampira Icons
43 Coloured Vampira Icons



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Maila Nurmi Vampira Memorial Fund 
02:56pm 21/01/2008

Many, if not all of us, have heard news of the death of Maila Nurmi, the magnificent woman who created and breathed exquisite life into the unforgettable character, Vampira.

She was a legend, an icon, a figure to be revered. And yet she was a woman, an old woman with a face that could turn tides and change history. I have never known someone so sharp, so biting and filled with so much to give that she simmered beneath her velvety paper-thin skin. Eyes the colour of frost, she had it within her to turn them to you and pour her stories into your soul until she expanded the parameters of who you were entirely. She could turn on you with the quickness and venom of a serpent and make you feel absolutely insignificant. Her warmth and fondness existed in nuance and compliments that required one to pay attention. Her humor, as with all things concerning this lady of vast spirit, was sophisticated and bitter and pointed.

She saw us, each of us that was invited into her controlled life. She viewed us with the eye of a skeptic. Not a victim but someone accustomed to being used and wrenched from all sides, and determined not to allow any such nonsense again. She would open slowly, delicately like the most precious of orchids, filling your senses with a perfume that lingered to haunt you long after your time with her had passed.

She knew the rules and didn't care to follow them. Her path, her expectations of others, her life, was her own. We should all be so fierce, so intelligent and so powerful, to own ourselves, our decisions and failures, and our minds.

She died with little as is usually the case for our dark legendary figures.

Thankfully her niece has given us permission to send her off beautifully.

As for what you can do...Collapse )

Every dollar counts. She deserves the dignity to lie beside the other stars of her era. Please help us in this effort. Thank You.
10:49am 29/06/2005

K first post!

Have any of you seen the interview with her on "Flying Saucers: The Plan 9 Companion"? It's on the Plan 9 DVD. Anyways, some guy says that she acheived her waist by fasting for 3 days straight before making an apperiance. Could your waist really get that small by simply fasting? Or was there some sort of surgery involved?

Now, photos!

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